A One-day Seminar on "Thesis Writing Skills"

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Release Date:14/03/2018

A One-day Seminar on "Thesis Writing Skills" was held on March 14th, 2018 at Govt. Superior Science College (GSSC) Peshawar, jointly organized by Zoology Department GSSC-Peshawar & PASTIC Peshawar. The seminar aims to give assistance to research students of B.Sc. Honor’s 8th semester & faculty members to understand and interpret the data obtained from their practical research on paper in the form of thesis. Total of 50 research students from the Department of Zoology, Chemistry, Maths & Pak Studies / Political Science along with senior faculty members attended the session. Mrs. Ghazala Ali Khan Deputy Director PASTIC Peshawar was key resource person of the seminar. Prof. Nasrullah Khan Yousaf Zai (Principal of the college) welcomed the Resource Person and thanked her for sparing time from her tide schedule for the Seminar. Mrs. Ghazala Ali Khan gave two detailed lectures one on PASTIC S&T services for Researchers and second on the seminar topic, which were very much appreciated by the students, teachers as well as the Principal. She discussed the following topics with comprehensive detail:

1. Cross Cutting Issues (What we are looking for, Planning Ahead for Our Thesis, Writing for an Audience, Skimming VS Reading, Order of Writing, Figures & Tables, Trying the Text to The Data, Giving Credit, Resources & Final Thesis).

2. Thesis Structure (Title Page, Certificate of Approval, Dedication, Table of Contents (List of Figures, List of Tables etc), Abstract, Introduction & Literature Review, Material & Methods, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, Acknowledgement, References &Appendix)

3. Editing Your Thesis (edit and proofreading, Check your writing for style, structure, consistency, unity, readability, grammar, spelling, and punctuation)

NOTE: PASTIC services stall was also arranged where students submitted their research titles for bibliographic/documentation service as per need of their topic.

DD PASTIC delivering PASTIC S&T Services Presentatin

DD PASTIC delivering the presentation.

Dr. Naeem u Din Khattak (Associate Prof. Zoology Department GSSC-Peshawar) deliveriny vote of thanks.

Particepants of the seminar.

Prof. Nasrullah Khan Yousaf Zai (Principal Govt. Science Superior College Peshawar) Addressing the participants.

Senior Faculty members during presentation of DD PASTIC.

Group photo of participants.