PASTIC holds meeting with Lahore Garrison University (LGU)

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Release Date:25/08/2017

PASTIC holds meeting with Lahore Garrison University (LGU)
A Meeting was held between PASTIC and Lahore Garrison University (LGU) on 25 August, 2017 in the office of the Director PASTIC to explore joint collaboration between the two organizations. Presentations were delivered by Mr. Saifullah Azim, Principal System Analyst, PASTIC and Mr. Kaukab Jamal Zubairi, Director DFRSC, LGU, highlighting their organization’s achievements and focusing on areas of mutual interest.
For the time being it was agreed by both, LGU and PASTIC, that training programmes on topics such as Information & Cyber Security and digital Forensics can be organized jointly, since LGU has expertise in this area and PASTIC has other training facilities and infrastructure for conducting such programmes. Besides this type of training is in demand in every organization and is the need of the hour.
The first training programme will be launched in the end of September, 2017 at PASTIC, Islamabad to create awareness on Digital Forensics and Cyber Security challenges both for professionals and non-professional groups belonging to public and private sector organizations like State Bank, NAB, Auditor General Pakistan, Police, Prosecutor General Punjab, Ministry of IT, Safe Cities Authorities

Mr. Kaukab Jamal Zubairi, Director DFRSC , LGU giving presentation about LGU