Seminar on Plagiarism: How Do I Avoid It? And Use of Turnitin

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Release Date:26/04/2017

PASTIC Sub Center, Lahore in collaboration with FAST- National University organized a one-day workshop on Plagiarism: How Do I Avoid It? And Use of Turnitin, on 26th April 2017. Total 52 participants from FAST and others universities participate in this workshop. Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director-FAST NU, welcomed the participants, introduced FAST as academic institute and emphasized its role in quality education.

Dr. Hamid Hassan Head of Department, FAST School of Management was the Keynote Speaker. He highlighted the importance of the topic and suggested some tips to avoid plagiarisms. He described that role of library has totally changed from traditional to electronic. Mr. Ali Raza Khan, Deputy Director, PASTIC, Sub center Lahore introduced PASTIC's and its services. He highlighted the importance of the topic and thanked the management and resource person Mr. Nadeem Sohail from FAST. He said that such learning events will be organized in future as well. Ms. Saba Fazal Firdusi, Faculty member Lahore School of Economics and Mr. Hussnan Javid master trainer participated as guests of honor and they both delivered speeches on need and importance of Plagiarism.

Mr. Nadeem Sohail, Manager Library, theoretically and practically defined Plagiarism elaborated its types, and described the HEC Plagiarism policy. He elaborated the methods of avoiding plagiarism. He also introduced the turnitin and described the use of turnitin for faculty and students.

At the end shields were distributed among guests and resource persons. Participants received their certificates. Mr. Nadeem Sohail, Manager Library, thanked library staff, FAST- NU management, PASTIC and participants for making this event successful.

Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director FAST-NU Presenting shield to the resource person