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Establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) at PASTIC

Most researchers in the country lack awareness about the Patent System and its benefit to the individuals as well as the Society and Economy. This scenario needs to be improved through various promotional activities and efforts. The foremost in this endeavor is to create awareness amongst the Scientific Community about the benefits of Inventions and Patents so that research is oriented towards obtaining Patents. Moreover, they should be informed as to how to get their inventions / research patented, since the level of awareness and knowledge regarding filing of Patents is also very low.

In order to enhance this venture, TISC National Network was established through an agreement between Intellectual Property Organization (IPO), Pakistan and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in November, 2016. Later on, IPO-Pakistan and Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan selected 27 TISC Centres including ORICs in 23 Universities, Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SMEDA, PCSIR and PASTIC to establish the National TISC Network through an MoU on 12 December, 2017.

TISC Centre at PASTIC National Centre and its Network across Pakistan

PASTIC, a subsidiary of Pakistan Science Foundation under the umbrella of Ministry of Science & Technology is a specialized premier national organization in the field of S&T Information Management and Dissemination. PASTIC National Center is located in Quaid-i-Azam University Campus in Islamabad and it has established TISC Centre under its Technology Information Services Section (TIS) and TISC supporting Centers at its 06 Sub-Centres at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad and Muzaffarabad.

Major Services of PASTIC-TISC

The PASTIC-TISC-DESKs will provide following quality technology information services to the innovators to help them exploit their potential and to create, protect, and manage their intellectual property (IP) rights:

  • Assistance in searching and retrieving technology information online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources and IP-related publications through an online query by accessing to

Activities of TISC Centre at PASTIC National Centre

  • Promotion of TISC program through PASTIC website.
  • Display of promotional banners/standees at PASTIC Library for promotion of TISC services
  • Awareness of TISC program through all National Centre activities including trainings/seminars/library visitors/online queries.
  • Designing and printing of a template to maintain the record of visitors.
  • Provide standees/leaflets and relevant material to all PASTIC Sub-Centres.
  • Training and guidance of PASTIC Sub-Centers for providing technology information services to the innovators.

Activities of PASTIC-TISC Desks at 06 PASTIC Sub-Centres

All the PASTIC-TISC Desks at its 06 PASTIC Sub-Centres, in coordination with Technology Information Services Section (TIS), will hold meetings with industry people in Chamber of Commerce & Industries and organize *Seminars/Workshops in Universities/Chambers to create awareness on:

  • TISC Services/promotion of TISC project (importance and use of patent information).
  • IPRs (aspects of product/technology commercialization, licensing)
  • Development of IP Strategies (information on filing patent, trademark, copyright, & industrial design, etc.)
* In case the resource persons are required for Seminars/Workshops, IPO-Pakistan will be contacted for assistance.

Who can benefit from PASTIC-TISC Services?

  • Individual Inventors.
  • Small Manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs) Industry.
  • Researchers in Technology Centers and Universities Academia & IP Professionals.

Monitoring and Evaluation of PASTIC TISC Activities.

All the PASTIC-TISC DESKs at its Six PASTIC Sub-Centres will submit a quarterly report (3 months) to the Technology Information Section (TIS) with following components:

  • No. of Seminars/Workshops organized in different universities with list of participants.
  • No. of clients/users/researchers visited PASTIC-TISC DESKs during the particular period (PASTIC-TISC Visitors’ Form).
TIS Section will be responsible to submit the update to the IPO-Pakistan as and when required.