Technology Information Services

TIS Section undertakes following activities:

  • Promotes local industry, small manufacturing enterprises (SMEs), their technologies, products, and services, etc.

  • Collects and disseminates latest information on S&T news, technologies, products and processes to the industry, researchers and R&D organizations in the country.

  • Develops university-industry linkage and industry-academia collaboration and partnership through workshops/seminars for transforming knowledge and innovative ideas into commercialization.

  • Provides patent information services and patent documents and guidelines to inventors/researchers in filing and filling of patent application and patent search.

  • TIS is currently working on compilation of data for databases of Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Industrial Associations , Industry Challenges/Issues and their possible Solutions, Pakistani Commercializable Products/Indigenous Innovations, Pakistan Industrial-Academia Linkages, Overseas Investors of Industry and Commerce in Pakistan, and International Industries Linkages with Pakistani Industries.

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