PSF Scientists Directory

1.   Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf (Chairman)
Field of Study: Agriculture
Specialization: Agriculture
2.   Dr. H. U. Khan  (Chief Scientific Officer)
Ph.D (Post-Doc)
Field of Study: Biotechnology
Specialization: Biotechnology
3.   Dr. Darakhshanda Kokub (Director (P&D))
Field of Study: Biochemistry
Specialization: Biotechnology
4.   Mr. Mahboob Khan (Principal Scientific Officer (P&D) )
B.Sc. (Engineering)
Field of Study: Engineering
Specialization: Emining
5.   Dr. Naushaba Atta (Principal Scientific Officer (SP))
Field of Study: Biology
Specialization: Science Education
6.   Dr. Syed Lal Shah  (Principal Scientific Officer)
Field of Study: Biology
Specialization: Toxicology
7.   Mr. Amjad Ali Abro  (Principal Scientific Officer)
M.Sc. (Botany)
Field of Study: 
8.   Dr. Mirza Habib Ali (Principal Scientific Officer)
Ph.D (Management Courses)
Field of Study: Ecology, Zoology
Specialization: Biodiversity, Urban Biology
9.   Mr. Nasir M. Khokhar (Senior Scientific Officer -NSLP)
M.Sc. (Hon) Horticulture
Field of Study: Horticulture
Specialization: Post harvest horticulture
10.   Mr. Muhammad Rafiu  (Scientific Officer)
Field of Study: Corrosion Engineering, Testing of materials
Specialization: Materials Engineering
11.   Ms. Amber Asif (Scientific Officer (P&D))
Field of Study: Biochemistry
Specialization: Project Management / Preparation and Processing of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) Project
12.   Ms. Sumera Sami  (Scientific Officer)
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Field of Study: Physical Chemistry
Specialization: Physical Chemi
13.   Dr. Rubina Tahir  (Scientific Officer)
Field of Study: Development of electrophoretic/ spectrophotometric methods for analysis of inorganic ions
Specialization: Analytical chemistry
14.   Mr. Bilal Mehmood (Web Manager)
Field of Study: Computer Science /SW-Engineering
Specialization: Web/desktop application development
15.   Ms. Madiha Rafique (Assistant Director (IT & G))
Field of Study: Computer Science
Specialization: Nil
16.   Ms. Saman Rauf (Scientific Officer )
M.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture
Field of Study: Agriculture
Specialization: Food Technology
17.   Mr. Muhammad Israr (Scientific Officer )
M.Phil (Ph.D in Prgress)
Field of Study: Human Nutrition
Specialization: Community Nutrition
18.   Ms. Zaiban Farooq (Assistant Director (Caravan))
Field of Study: Biochemistry
Specialization: Biochemistry
19.   M. Imran (Research Associate)
Field of Study: Geology
Specialization: Geology
20.   Mr. Khalid Zaman  (Assistant Scientific Officer)
Field of Study: Inorganic Analysis
Specialization: Chemistry
21.   Dr. Aqeel Ahmed (Assistant Scientific Officer)
Field of Study: A.H. & V.S.
Specialization: Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences
22.   Allah Yar Khan (Assistant Scientific Officer)
Field of Study: Statistics
23.   Farrukh Bashir Kayani (Science Assistant)
M.Phil (physics in process), MBA (HRM), M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed
Field of Study: Physics
Specialization: Physics
24.   Asadullah (Science Assistant)
M.Sc.(Telecom), MA(Teacher Education)
Field of Study: Electronics /Physics/ Education
Specialization: Electronic devices used in Telecom
25.   Ijaz Ahmad (Science Assistant)
B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Hons)
Field of Study: Agriculture
Specialization: Soil Science
1.   Dr. Muhammad Akram Shaikh (Director General)
Ph.D (Computer Engineering)
Field of Study: Computer Engineering/ Information Technology
Specialization: Databases, Data Mining
2.   Ms. Nageen Ainuddin (Director)
Field of Study: Zoology
Specialization: Medical Endocrinology & Women in Science
3.   Mr. Muhammad Aqil Khan (Additional Director (STI))
M.Sc. (Geology)
Field of Study: Geology
Specialization: Geology
5.   Mr. Saifullah Azim (Senior System Analyst)
MS/M.Phil (Computer Science)
Field of Study: Computer Science
Specialization: Software Project Management, Data Mining, Information Security
11.   Dr. Raja Razi-ul-Hasnain (Additional Director(A&F))
Field of Study: Biology / Biochemistry
Specialization: Biotechnology, Clinical Biochemistry
6.   Ms.Ghazala Yasmeen Malik (Deputy Director (STI))
M.Phil (Biotechnology)
Field of Study: Medicinal Plants
Specialization: Clinical Biotechnology
7.   Mr. M. Khalid Bhutto (Deputy Director (STI))
M.Sc. (Hone) Mathematics
Field of Study: Vector Analysis
Specialization: Vector Analysis
8.   Mr. Ali Raza Khan (Deputy Director (STI))
M.Sc. (Hone) Agricultural Sciences
Field of Study: Horticulture
Specialization: Fruit Sciences
9.   Muhammad Ayub Dogar (Senior Scientific Information Officer)
M.Sc. (Statistics)
Field of Study: Statistics
Specialization: Library Science
12.   Syed Javed Mukhtar (Manager Technology Information)
M.Sc. (Physics) & M.Sc (Computer Science)
Field of Study: Electronics, Communication, Software Engineering and Information System
Specialization: Electronics (Software Engineering)
13.   Dr. Maryum Ibrar (Senior Scientific Information Officer)
Ph.D (Post Doc)
Field of Study: Plant Taxonomy
Specialization: Medicinal plant taxonomy
17.   Dr. Saima Huma Tanveer (Senior Scientific Information Officer)
Field of Study: Biology
Specialization: Reporductive Physiology/ Neuroendocrinology
20.   Abdul Fateh Sheikh (Senior Scientific Information Officer)
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Field of Study: Organic Chemistry
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
22.   Mr. Obaid Anwar (S.S.I.O)
M.Sc Chemistry
Field of Study: Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry
Specialization: Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry
4.   Muhammad Usman ((Web Manager))
M.Sc (CS), M.Phil (under progress)
Field of Study: Computer Science
Specialization: Data Mining/Databases /Data Warehouses
10.   Mrs. Rahila Khuram (Scientific Information Officer)
M.Sc. (Biochemistry)
Field of Study: Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Specialization: Biochemistry
14.   Syed Asif Ali Shah (Scientific Information Officer)
M.Sc. (Zoology)
Field of Study: Biology
Specialization: Freshwater biology & fisheries
15.   Rahat Hussain Juna (Scientific Information Officer)
B.Sc. (Food Science & Technology)
Field of Study: Food Science & Technology
Specialization: Nutrition
18.   Tahir Masoud (System Analyst)
Field of Study: Computer Science
Specialization: Networks
16.   Faisal Hilal (ADO)
M.Sc. (Stat), MCS (Computer Science)
Field of Study: Computer Science
19.   Nabi Bux (Assistant Webmanager)
Field of Study: Computer, IT, Software Eng.
Specialization: Computer and information technologies
21.   Miss Afsheen Tariq Raja (Assistant Scientific Information Officer)
M.Sc. (Botany)
Field of Study: Botany
Specialization: Plant Pathology
1.   Dr. M.K. Leghari (Director General)
Field of Study: Botany, Ecological (Study of Fresh Water Algae)
Specialization: Plankton / Algae
2.   Dr. Muhammad Rafique (Deputy Director General /Director ZSP)
Field of Study: Fish and Fisheries, Ecology, Small Mammals
Specialization: Fish and Fisheries, Aquatic Econogy
3.   Mr. Khalid Mahmood (Curator)
Ph.D., Post Doc.
Field of Study: Biosystematics
Specialization: Fruit Flies
4.   Dr. Ghazala Roohi (Director (current charge( and Curator)
Ph.D (Paleontology)
Field of Study: Paleontology
Specialization: Paleontology, Stratigraphy and Paleo - Environmental studies
5.   Dr. Saleem Ahmed (Director PSD, Curator, BSD)
Ph.D. (Plant Taxonomy)
Field of Study: Biology/Botany
Specialization: Systematic Botany, Ecology, Ethnobotany
6.   Dr. Ghazala Shaheen (Curator)
Field of Study: Plant Ecology, Medicinal Plant
Specialization: Plant Ecology, Medicinal Plant, Paleobotany
7.   Dr. Rizwana Khanum (Awaiting)
Field of Study: Climate change, Phylogeny Ecology
Specialization: Climate change and Plant systematics
8.   Dr. Sumaira Sahreen (Associate Curator)
Field of Study: Biochemistry (Pharmacology)
Specialization: Pharmacognosy/Pharmacology
9.   Dr.Syed Aneel Ahmad Gilani (Associate Curator)
Ph.D. (Plant Taxonomy)
Field of Study: Plant Taxonomy, Botany
Specialization: Botany, Plant Taxonomy, Medicinal Plants Ethnobotany
10.   Dr. Ismail Bhatti (Associate Curator)
Ph.D (Botany)
Field of Study: Mycology
Specialization: Mycology
11.   Mr. Aamir Yaseen (Research Associate)
Field of Study: Geology (Paleontology
Specialization: Micropaleontology (Paleontology)
12.   Mr. Khalid Ahmed Mirani (Research Associate)
M.Sc. (Hons) Geology
Field of Study: Sedimentology
Specialization: Petrolum Geology and Sedimentology
13.   Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan  (Associate Curator)
M.Sc. (Zoology)
Field of Study: Mammalogy
Specialization: Mammalogy
14.   Mr. Obaidullah Azeem (System Analyst)
M.S. (CS)
Field of Study: Data Mining
Specialization: Data Mining, S.E.
22.   Dr. Muhammad Ismail (Associate Curator (Mycology))
Field of Study: Plant Pathology
Specialization: Mycology, Nematology, IPM Specialist
15.   Mr. Muhammad Imran (Research Associate)
Field of Study: Geology
Specialization: Geochemistry
16.   Ms. Saadia Munir (Research Associate)
M.Phil (Mycology)
Field of Study: Fungi (Mycology)
Specialization: Mushroom Taxonomy (identified the wild mushrooms, Edible, non-edible mushrooms medicine mushrooms
17.   Mr.Shabir Ali Amir (Research Associate)
M.Phil. (Marine Biology)
Field of Study: Marine Biology
Specialization: Marine Biology
18.   Ms. Shehnaz Zakia (Research Associate)
M.Sc (Hons) Horticulture (Ph.D continued)
Field of Study: Horticulture (Plant Science)
Specialization: Horticulture, Plant Biotechnology, Stree Physiology
19.   Mr. Mishkatullah (Research Associate)
Field of Study: Entomology
Specialization: Entomology
20.   Mr. M. Abbas (Research Associate)
M.Sc. (Hons) Zoology
Field of Study: 
21.   Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman (Research Associate)
M.Phil (Geology)
Field of Study: Minerology / Paleontology
Specialization: Minerology / Paleontology
23.   Mr. Hamad-ur-Rahim (Research Associate)
M.Sc. (Applied Geology)
Field of Study: Paleontology
Specialization: Paleontology
24.   Mr.Rafaqat Masroor (Research Associate)
M.Sc. (Zoology)
Field of Study: Herpetology
Specialization: Herpetology