Basic Information

Type: Primary Journal
Title: Abasyn Journal of Life Sciences
Abbreviated Title: Abasyn J Life Sci
Alternate Title: PPPPP
Former Title: PPPPP
Online Availability: Full Open Acess
Subjects: Agricultural Sciences
Subjects Keywords: Zoology, Chemistry, Botany, Biology
Cessation Period:
Starting Year: 2018
Cessation Year: 2018
Impact Factor: 0
Coden: 9898
PISSN: 2616-9754
EISSN: 2663-1040
Registration No: 87878
Language: English
Frequency: 8 per year
HEC Category: No
PMDC: 78878
Editor: Muhammad Faisal Siddiqui
Editors Designation:

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Subscription Details

Publication Fee: 090909
Subscription Annual Rs: 98
Subscription Single Rs: 99
Subscription Single US $: 7878
Yearly Subscription?: 1820

Contact Details

Publisher Address: Abasyn University
City: 454545 ggg
Country: Pakistan
Landline: 79879
Fax: 798798
Mobile: 6868
UAN: 7878