Patent Information Service

Most researchers in the country lack awareness about the Patent System and its benefit to the individuals as well as the Society and Economy. The situation needs to be improved through various promotional activities and efforts. The foremost in this endeavor is to create awareness amongst the Scientific Community about the benefits of Inventions and Patents so that research is oriented towards obtaining Patents. Moreover, they should be informed as to how to get their Inventions / Research Patented, since the level of awareness regarding filing of Patents is also very low.

Keeping this in view and to prepare the country for K-Economy, PASTIC has taken initiatives to encourage innovation and promotion of R&D in the public and private sector organizations The newly launched Patent Information Services are focused on providing advice on Technical and Financial matters and guiding the Researchers / Inventers in filing their applications for Patents and obtaining protection for their inventions and research. The Service is available to  researchers and inventors working at R&D Organizations, Industries, Universities, Professional/ Vocational Colleges, etc.

Through this Service PASTIC provides Information and Guidance about:

  • The Patent System in Pakistan.
  • Criteria for Patenting an Invention.
  • Filing Patent Applications.
  • Technical and Financial Matters.
  • Postal and Web Addresses of the Pakistan Patent Office/Patent Attorneys

Following Bibliographic Patent databases are available with PASTIC for Patent Information Service: 

  1. US Patent Databases(1969-2004)
  2. European Patent Database(1971-2004)
  3. Canadian Patent  (1960-1971)
  4. Pakistani Patent