Schedule of the Training workshop on Research Tools and Techniques (Mendeley)

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Release Date:28/02/2017

Make your research life easier with Mendeley tool
Learn Literature Search and Automatic Citation
Venue: PASTIC National Centre, QAU Campus, Islamabad, Pakistan

  1. 1st training workshop   4-5th January 2017
  2. 2nd training workshop   8-9th February 2017
  3. 3rd training workshop   21-22nd March 2017
  4. 4th training workshop   5-6th April 2017
  5. 5th training workshop   3-4th May 2017
  6. 6th training workshop   7-8th June 2017
  7. 7th training workshop   5-6th July 2017
  8. 8th training workshop   9-10th August 2017
  9. 9th training workshop   6-7th September 2017
  10. 10th training workshop   4-5th October 2017
  11. 11th training workshop   8-9th November 2017
  12. 12th training workshop   5-6th December 2017

Training brochure (Mendeley)
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