Abstracting and Indexing Service

Abstracting and Indexing Service of PASTIC is rendered by bringing out an abstracting Journal entitled "Pakistan Science Abstracts", which is a secondary journal, which serving as a secondary information source to give support to research and development activities of the country. The abstracting and indexing service provided through this publication of Pakistan Science Abstracts covers all the scientific disciplines including Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences. The abstracts of the research articles published in Pakistani S&T journals are provided with detail author & keyword indexes in the Pakistan Science Abstracts with a view to give current awareness of S&T information generated in Pakistan for the benefit of Scientific Community. Pakistan Science Abstracts is being brought out since last many decades as composite abstracting journal of all scientific disciplines. Now in order to expand the scope of Pakistan Science Abstracts and to cover maximum Pakistani Scientific Journals for abstracting, PASTIC has since 2004 started publishing Pakistan Science Abstracts in following ten different scientific disciplines;

  1. Earth & Environmental Sciences 
  2. Agricultural Sciences
  3. Plant Sciences
  4. Animal Sciences 
  5. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. Information Communication and Engineering Sciences
  7. Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  8. Mathematics & Statistics
  9. Medical Sciences
  10. Physics

These subject wise publications of Pakistan Science Abstracts are likely to be more useful for diverse nature of users.